BA Landscape Architecture

My final end of year work for my major design back in 2011. The proposal supported an urban ecology park in the heart of the Leeds City center. A very bold plan and i can remember trying to convince the head of the department that this would work. As an ecologist with a doctorate he was very skeptical of this proposal but i do think elements of this would work with important links to wildlife corridors and sited adjacent to the Leeds Liverpool Canal and the River Aire.

A major concept of the overall design was to provide green roofs and living walls to all the new buildings within the park and also for the surrounding adjacent ones which would increase the feeling and the size of the park and extend the green park into the city of Leeds. This would also reduce heat island effect , heat reflection from large buildings and provide contrast  between the hardness of the city to the lush wild flower planting of the ecology park. Green roofs also slow water flow into combined sewer outputs, reducing impact of extreme weather events.